Today’s post is a bit of a discussion/guilty admission. I HOPE YOU WON’T HATE ME ONCE I’VE ADMITTED THIS. So, I’ve always been a bit of a skim reader. I can’t help it, I just NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING.

So there are parts of books that I rarely read, if at all, and parts that I often find myself skimming without meaning to. It doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book, I’ve been doing it my entire life, and often find myself going back to reread when I’ve skipped over an important bit by accident. If I catch myself doing it though I try to stop… so there’s that.

With no more preamble, let’s get into it!

I skip Long Descriptions

They’re BORING.

That’s the tea, sis. I just can’t. When I’m really into a story, I want fast paced BAM BAM BAM give me the story! I find myself skipping to dialogue when a description gets more than a few lines long. I just don’t care enough about what a place looks like… or even what people look like a lot of the time. I’m so forgetful, I’d have forgotten soon anyway.

Since I’ve been blogging though, I’ve made a concerted effort to actually read most descriptions (I am reviewing the books after all) but it pains me when they’re super long, and let’s admit it, boring.

Artsy poems at the beginning of books/chapters (epigraph)

I get it. The author has spent a lot of time picking this poem (or writing it) and I think they generally have some bearing on the story? But I don’t read them. I mean, I skim them, ish, but they don’t stick. Even when I have read them and they become relevant in the story? I’ve long forgotten them. SORRY AUTHORS. I don’t hate you I promise I just have a weird attention span for these things? It’s so weird I just, can’t? Am I alone in this?

Passages in italics in books

Okay I am VERY aware this is a weird one. Other than occasional words in italics, if there are passages italicised, I can’t focus or take them in very easily. In fact – when I first read Robin Hobb’s books I missed a LOT of plot because of this. The beginning of a chapter had a paragraph or so of italics that were flashbacks or dreams of the character’s past. I didn’t know this though as I NEVER READ THEM. It wasn’t until I reread it years later that I did and was amazed at what I’d missed…

I do TRY to read these things but honestly, I have to really focus.