If weakened woody plants are not removed in time, they can fall over and cause considerable damage. To prevent this from happening, trees must be removed in a timely manner and in a safe manner. Experienced arborists know how to cut down a fallen tree and clear an area of woody debris.

The wood should only be removed after the branches and trunk have been cut into pieces. The cuttings are short in length. This allows them to be neatly stored and loaded into a container. If a large tree turns out with the roots, the specialists first detach the roots from the trunk. After removing the fragments, the site takes on its former appearance.

How much does it cost to cut down a fallen tree

Felling of fallen trees allows you to get rid of large fragments of wood and continue to use the land for its intended purpose. It is better to contact qualified tree removal melbourne eastern suburbs services for help. They know the technology of removing green plantings of different species. Specialists use chainsaws, axes, hacksaws and other tools. In the network you can find a calculator that allows you to roughly calculate how much it costs to remove the fallen tree, but the exact cost will be called by a specialist after inspection of the object.

How is the sawing and removal of fallen trees performed?

If a large tree has fallen in an urban area, then it is fenced off to carry out the work according to all safety rules. The plant with a broken trunk is separated into two parts at the point of damage. After that, both parts, separated from each other, are sawed. To lift the split crown fragments, arborists can use ropes, a truck crane or a winch mechanism. Such equipment may be needed when removing oversized and massive pieces. Small pieces are stored manually by arborists near the sawing area.

Sawing and removal of fallen large trees includes:

  • complete sawing of the woody plant;
  • separation of branches and trunk into small fragments;
  • storage of the parts in one place;
  • loading the wood into a special container;
  • removal of woody debris by car;
  • cleaning the site of wood debris.

If a tree falls on a neighbor’s property or home, it is fraught with serious financial compensation or litigation. Therefore, it is important to remove emergency specimens in time before they collapse. If a large tree does fall, arborists are ready to saw it, removing it as carefully as possible from the neighbors’ yard.

How is the price for tree cutting calculated?

In order to cut down a tree, you need to understand:

  • How many trees there are and their degree of complexity.
  • The height of the tree and the diameter of its trunk. 
  • Do the wires, the building get in the way? Is it possible to cope without a tower or is a tower still needed.

Tree removal using a tower truck, a crane

The first method: removal, cutting of trees is the easiest, most simple and inexpensive, taking into account that it will be done by a specialist. The method is called removal, prilling of trees with or without the pulling away, taking into account the free side, where the tree will lie. If there is no pullback, a specialist saws the tree with a chainsaw and the tree is laid in the right place. This method is the cheapest but requires special knowledge of the breed, there is a fragile species of wood which requires special attention and special pruning wedge carving. The condition of the tree is also important: rotten, decayed, just dead wood, chainsaw must be professional so that at the right time it will not stall. The method is not complicated and inexpensive, but we strongly recommend inviting a specialist.

The second way: removal, cutting of trees is more labor-intensive and more expensive than the first method, but it is possible to cut down, remove, trim the tree, almost any complexity. The specialist climbs out on the tree and saws down everything from the lower branches. At the same time he ties up each branch with a special cord capable of withstanding the weight of 4 tons, saws the branch with a chainsaw and gently lowers it to the ground and so on to the tip. The same way, the trunk of the tree is suspended and lowered to the ground in small pieces. 

The third way: sawing and removal of trees is the most expensive and technically complex, it is used when the tree is more than a meter and a half in diameter and it is located in a remote place where it can not be put on the ground and there is no free space near the tree. Or if there is an expensive lawn under the tree. In this case we can use an auto-crane with a lifting capacity of at least 20 tons and a truck mounted tower, at least 22 meters high. Principle of tree removal: the autotower rises up specialists with a rope to the top of the tree, there they tie up the rope, the crane truck clings this rope and the specialist saws the tree with a chainsaw. Here the accuracy of hitting the junction of the two notches is needed. After that, the crane lifts up and carries away part of the tree. If you are looking for firewood for sale near me, then you can also contact specialized services.