Everyone who has ever thought about what gift to present a colleague, faced the well-known difficulties. After all, by and large it does not matter whether you want to make a small gift as a token of gratitude for the assistance rendered or a group gift to the boss – in this case it is important to consider the rules of etiquette.

It should be understood that there are differences between gifts and mementos. A gift is a gift, while souvenirs are more of a business option. They are of corporate and often promotional nature, so various products, whether it’s a fountain pen or a weekly magazine, are often decorated with the logo of the company. Such presents are always appropriate. You can also pay attention to Panera Bread gift card.

When to give presents?

The most common occasions for gifts in the business world are the completion of a project, a wedding, a birthday or the birth of a child, a promotion, as well as certain business-related events: a new client, a promotion or a profitable year. Well, and, of course, it is customary at work to give gifts for holidays that most people celebrate, such as New Year’s Eve.

Who to give gifts to?

The main thing to consider when choosing gifts for colleagues is the closeness of your relationship: friendly, friendly or exclusively business? Collegial, a relationship between upper and lower-level employees or between subordinates and supervisors? This is something to consider when thinking about gifts in a work environment.

For example, in many international companies employees are forbidden to buy gifts for their bosses, because it can look like an attempt to “buy” promotion. Practice shows that presenting a gift is an important, and often obligatory, part to which each employee contributes.

Managers and heads of departments usually give gifts only to those who work with them in the same team. But the subordinates, according to the rules of etiquette, do not have to give anything to their immediate supervisor or “big boss”, but the attention in any case will be nice to anyone.

Do you want to make an original and memorable gift to your colleague? Use your creativity! People especially appreciate unique gifts, made with heart. For example, if it is a date like the New Year or an anniversary of the company, a great gift would be a “book of victories,” in which all employees will write important achievements and successes of the company for the year.

Birthday gifts for colleagues can be personalized writing utensils, and as a small souvenir for the successes in the work fit business accessories.

How to choose the right gift?

If you do not know what to give your colleague, try to get to know him or her better in a professional environment. Conversations after work, during lunch or on business trips give you a chance to understand what the person lives for and is interested in. A win-win option is things you need for work and business travel.

The next step is to set a budget framework. Here it is important to remember that the value of the gift should match its importance. If you don’t have any business gift ideas, you can give an Olive Garden gift card.