Compared to the original Counter-Strike, Global Offensive has many new game modes and entertainment for every taste. Most of them will confuse even veterans of the original, so in this material we will tell you about the features of each of them. The main mode CS:GO – “Competitive”. It is its set of rules used in professional championships, so let’s start with it. You can also try to find more useful information on this site .

Competitive mode

In this mode players are divided into two teams of 5 people each, and there are only two types of matches – “Bomb defusal” and “.

Hostage Rescue”. It should be noted that the latter is not used in serious championships – due to the peculiarities of maps and tasks, the balance there is noticeably shifted in favor of terrorists, so the main eSports mode is Bomb defusal.

Bomb defusal

It requires terrorists to plant a bomb in one of two special zones before the timer is reset, and counter-terrorists must make every effort to ensure that no one activates the explosive device. In addition, you can win by simply destroying all the opponents. Each match is divided into 30 rounds. The team that wins in 16 of them is also possible to draw.

If the bomb is activated, the round will not end until the special forces disarm it, even if there is not a single living terrorist left on the battlefield. The device detonates 40 seconds after installation, so it is not worth slowing down. The opposite is true – if counter-terrorists succeed in defusing the bomb, they will instantly score a victory, even if by that time the opponent noticeably exceeds their number.

In the first round of the competitive mode the players of both teams are awarded $800, and the maximum possible amount of $16,000 can be accumulated. Later on, teams receive a certain amount at the end of each round, and players are also rewarded for killing their opponents.

Another important feature of the competitive mode is that here you can inflict damage to your team’s players, so you need to be twice as careful by clicking on the trigger. And if you do kill yours at all, prepare for the penalty. You can’t pass through your friends’ models either, so you should try not to block narrow passes and make sure that your teammate, who is retreating from under enemy fire, won’t accidentally die if your back stumbles upon you.

Hostage Rescue

This type of match is less popular, but similar maps are also found in competitive mode. The rules are different: at the beginning of each round, at a random place on the map, two hostages appear, controlled by the computer. The task of the SWAT team is to find them, release them and drag them on their shoulders into the evacuation zone. It is impossible to kill such characters, but a very impressive amount of money is deducted from the account of each player who caused them damage. To win the round, the counter terrorists need only save one hostage.

Casual mode

In casual mode, the same two types of matches are used, but some rules are slightly simplified so that beginners can find out more quickly. So, in each team there are not 5, but 10 people, and the damage is turned off and you can freely pass through your colleagues. In addition, at the beginning of each round, all players are given a free vest with a helmet, and counter-terrorists – a set of disarming bombs, which reduces clearance time by half, or rescue kit for hostages (depending on the type of match). In addition, the teams start the first round with $1000, but the bonus for killing enemies is half as much, and the maximum amount that can be accumulated is $10,000.

Now you know what the popular official game modes are. In addition, you can explore this site .