Sometimes in life there comes a moment when we meet someone through El Paso date ideas or some other way, get acquainted, fall in love, start a relationship. At that time the world seems so sweet and carefree that we don’t want to change anything. But after a while the relationship deteriorates, a crisis ensues. Not everyone experiences it, many are forced to terminate, even recently, such a pleasant relationship. How not to reach the phase of separation, how to keep a good relationship with a good man?

The development of the relationship: from acquaintance to breakup

  • The first stage – acquaintance. Here everything is clear, so let’s move on.
  • The second stage – getting used to it. At this stage, the relationship goes uphill, the partners get to know each other better and better. They become closer, you could say. It is at this stage that falling in love and all the positive emotions associated with it occur.
  • In the third stage of relationship development, there will be anticipation; anticipation, of what direction the relationship will move in. When everything is so smooth, it seems that it will always be so, that the partner will be wonderful. But in reality, something like stagnation occurs. Nothing seems to go down, but there is no upswing either. Monotonous behavior, no matter how good it is, sooner or later becomes boring.

Therefore, in such situations, the development of relations moves to the fourth stage – the stage of disappointment. It is during this period that one or two partners realize that expectations have not been met, that everything cannot last forever, and they begin to tolerate the relationship. How long they can do this depends on the individual. But the fact is that even the greatest patience comes to an end, and the relationship comes to the final fifth phase: the final breakup.

The vast majority of relationships follow a similar scenario. Naturally, you may ask: what about those couples who have safely passed through all the stages together. There are exceptions to every rule. Perhaps the partners unconsciously followed recipes for preserving the relationship, perhaps the disillusionment phase lasted so long that people had already gotten used to each other and bonded in some way more than just love or friendship, became really two halves. Or maybe when the breakup phase came, the years are not the same, there is no powder in their powderboxes to go out and look for someone else. So they live together. But, unfortunately, such cases are quite rare. Why do they break up? Is it possible to turn date night ideas El Paso into a long and stable relationship?

At the very beginning of acquaintance, one of the partners behaves better than he can. Yes, efforts are made to make themselves look better. This approach isn’t bad for one or two meetings when you’re not going to develop a long-term relationship. Then, after the breakup, you will be remembered for what your first impression was. 

If you show yourself to be almost perfect when you meet, your partner will get used to the original image. But what if, after a couple of days, he sees what’s underneath the pretty wrapper, much worse than the wrapper itself? It’s hard to wean yourself off the good stuff. Therefore, the correct thing in this situation will be to show what is, or at least partially reveal the cards (of course, before this need to bring “what is” in an acceptable form), and to show their other trump cards as necessary. This model of behavior gives a much better chance of preserving the relationship, or at least of making it last longer.

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